VF90 foam components

Producing components from VF90 foam

VAUTH Aviation Components uses VF90 foam to produce flame-retardant foam parts, mouldings and blocks in compliance with the latest FAA EASA Airworthiness Regulations for all sorts of passenger, pilot and flight-attendant seats. Proceeding from our own research and development activities, expandable graphite has been added to the VAUTH foam formulation to obviate the need for further fire blocking layers.

The volume production of moulding is followed by a 100% inspection. To begin with, this means checking basic parameters entered for the ratio in which the raw materials are mixed. The mixing ratio is constantly checked during the production process on a computer-aided basis. The raw-material quantities mixed for casting the component are defined and entered accordingly into the filling system. Quantity and margin errors are ruled out.

Trained staff cast components, monitor the production process, extract components and visually check the quality of each and every foam part we produce, with all of these activities being done manually.