The company

The specialist in manufacturing flame-retardant polyurethane foams

VAUTH Aviation Components was founded in 1967 by Hermann Vauth as Vauth + Stich. The first flame-retardant foam was developed in the early 70s. The formulation for these special foams is known only to VAUTH and is registered for patent. VAUTH has been the absolute specialist in manufacturing these special polyurethane foams since 1970.

These VAUTH PU foams are primarily used in aviation, public transport and stadiums, wherever importance is connected with ergonomic seating and protection from toxic gases, smoke and flames in the event of a fire emergency.

PU foams are manufactured for passenger seats, flight-attendant seats and pilot seats as well as armrests and various integral skin foam mouldings. Covers, plastic components and special customised assemblies are produced at the client’s request.

There are not many aircraft in the world that do not have at least one VAUTH component in it. VAUTH is the first-series and VIP furnishing and fittings manufacturer for many clients, seat manufacturers and airlines.

Reflecting its market focus and market significance, Vauth + Sohn was renamed VAUTH Aviation Components in 2015.